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Proponents of a June ballot initiative aim to restrict walking and bike paths to only our busiest streets, and to force the city to spend thousands of taxpayer dollars for special elections to build anywhere safer. 


Please join us and the growing number of concerned neighbors who are taking a stand. We believe walkways should not be on highways, and that unsafe options are unacceptable for our community.

Join Us!


The Truth of the Trail

The DRO segment of FORTAG will:

FORTAG Designs.jpg

NO Damage to the Frog Pond! 

The existing trail will not be altered and the wetland habitat will be better protected. Invasive species will be removed and additional trees planted.

NO Decrease in Home Values! 

Research shows that homes located near trails increase in value.

NO Increase in Unhoused People! 

Managed trails make areas less inviting to transient populations. More eyes in our parks means safer parks.

NO Underpass issues! 

An underpass is the safest method for crossing Highway 218. Kids, seniors and everyone living in Del Rey Oaks deserves safe routes across town.

  • Provide safe passage across Highway 218 for everyone.

  • Allow mobility-restricted and wheelchair-bound people access to the Frog Pond.

  • Offer a protected walkway for our children to Del Rey Woods Elementary, DRO's assigned school starting next year.

  • Provide a safe, walkable path to Safeway and other retail shops.

  • Include resurfacing our tennis courts and establishing a permanent home for the Butterfly Garden.

  • Cost Del Rey Oaks zero dollars! The entire project is already paid for by a 10.3 million dollar State grant.

on Measure B

"As an older woman who crosses Canyon Del Rey to reach the Frog Pond, I know firsthand how dangerous it is. Voting down this initiative will provide safety for everyone in our community."

–Carol Kaplan

"There's been a lot of misinformation about FORTAG in Del Rey Oaks. As the sibling of the person with a disability, it is very important to me that the Frog Pond be accessible to all."

–Esther Criss

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